The office is closed for a Continuing Education Class in Philadelphia, PA. Course topics are "Updates in Contemporary Dentistry/New Technology in Dentistry."

Today is the 25th Anniversary of the practice at the current location. Congratulations Dr. McKeeveer!!!


01/20/2017 12:48pm

25th anniversary? Wow, that's impressive! Congratulations!

08/24/2017 8:07pm

Being in the industry for 25 years is something really worth celebrating. I mean, being able to stay on the practice requires a lot of efforts, perseverance and determination. You have to stay positive even though things are not happening according to your plan. I do hope you will get to be on your field for more years. Thank you for sharing, by the way.

08/11/2017 8:26am

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My congratulations too! It's really a lot! 25 years is wow!

09/15/2017 2:10am

This sounds awesome! My congratulations with this!


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